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Family Physician
physician.jpg Dr. Mel Borins is a Family Physician in private practice, and is on active staff at St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto, Canada. He is a Fellow of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and Associate Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto.

For over two decades, he has been active and instrumental in training Physicians in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Stress Management and Communications. He served as President of the Metro Toronto Chapter of the Ontario College of Family Physicians, and is a Faculty Member of the Institute for Healthcare Communication.

In 2006 Dr. Borins received special recognition with the Theratree Award from the General Practice Psychotherapy Association, for his outstanding contribution to the education of Physicians in the field of Psychotherapy.

Dr. Borins has numerous articles appearing in medical journals including Post Graduate Medicine, Canadian Family Physician, Canadian Medical Association Journal, and New Zealand Family Physician.
  • International Speaker and Transformational Trainer
  • Author of 4 Books and many Featured Publications…
  • 2006 Theratree Award Winner
"You’re certainly a most well revered teacher for your knowledge, skill and particularly your passion for effective teaching in a most lively way. You also have the special aptitude of making your students feel cared for and respected."
Dr. Amy Wong, Family Physician