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Keynotes / Workshops / Seminars

Dr. Mel Borins guarantees that his audiences will have fun while learning. His most popular topics can be customized for any audience or group.

“Dr. Borins was a top rated speaker at the four day conference.”
General Practice Psychotherapy Association

Speaking Topics


This interactive session will leave you in stitches, and explain why laughter and play is essential to good health. Dr. Borins provides playful exercises and right brain activities that are guaranteed to put audiences in a positive frame of mind, while showing how laughter can relieve anxiety, discharge hostility, release guilt, build rapport, break down barriers and strengthen the will to live. Learn how to impact negative emotions, while releasing stress with laughter, in order to create more joy in the workplace and see the world in a more humorous way.

Power of Laughter and Play
Laugh at Life
If its not Fun, Forget It
Giggle and Grow
Live Life with Loads of Laughs
Humour for Health and Happiness
Humour in the Classroom
Humour in Health Care
The Laughter Prescription
Health is a Laughing Matter
Laugh about Life
Rockn’ Doc and the Silly Pill

"As a result of your talk, over 80% of participants surveyed indicated they intend to use the strategies you suggested, such as collecting jokes, watching more comedy, tuning out negative media and of course, laughing more!"
Devon Peart, Community Health Promoter

Alternative treatments are becoming more common as a modern complement to conventional forms of medicine. Learn practical approaches to using alternatives, while understanding how to make informed choices based on scientific evidence. Discover the mind-body approach towards integrated health practices including herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture and manipulation. Dr. Borins discusses common herbs including Echinacea, Gingko, Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, and St. John’s Wort. He provides the most current research to help participants understand how to safely and effectively use alternative approaches in their own healthcare.

How Complementary Medicine Can Help Your Health
Taking Care – Perspectives on Complementary Medicine
Evidence for Alternatives
Home Grown Health
Complementary and Alternative Medicines
Medical Complements in a Modern World
Science of Alternative Medicines
Integrative Medicine: The GP of Alternatives

"Participants left with a solid understanding of the professional issues raised by the growing popularity of alternative medicine."
Dr. Cameron Little
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia

Do you need a reason to take a break? In this session Dr. Borins explains why you need to go away, before they put you away! Learn the importance of vacations and leisure time for stress management, health and lifestyle balance while understanding the benefits to intellectual functioning and family relationships. Participants will learn that travel and vacation are investments in life, as Dr. Borins reviews research showing that vacations are as important as work, in order to maximize career potential and personal satisfaction. He will teach you that you DO have time for both and will help you prepare for your next vacation by sharing his experiences as a world traveler and photojournalist.

Why Holidays are Medically Necessary
Go Away Just For The Health of It
Time Away To Play
Get Well on Your Way
Going on Vacation Can Save Your Life
Medical Tourism – Holiday for the Health of It
Therapeutic Effects of Vacations
Investment Strategies to Managing Stress
Holidays for Health
Just Go Away Before They Put You Away
Taking Time to Take a Break
Rockin’ Doc says, “Take Off.”

"Your presentation was well organized, well presented and well received. Your common sense, down-to-earth approach, combined with a high degree of professionalism and expertise helped make the afternoon a success!"
Margaret Yanicki, Staff Educator
Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Pronoia is the opposite of paranoia. It is the belief that the universe is plotting to make you happy and there is nothing you can do about it. Dr. Borins promotes laughter, play, optimism and humour in this session…all signs of “pronoia” that are an integral part of health promotion. Matching his poetry and music to a special collection of photographs from his travels around the world, Dr. Borins highlights a variety of cultures with like human possibilities. His message, “Our planet is a friendly, amazing place…” has endless global appeal not limited by class, geography or form.

Pronoia & Performance
Love, Joy and Pronoia
Laughter, Love & Pronoia
Past, Present & Pronoia
Let Your Spirit Soar
Peace, Love and Healing
Power of Prayer for Pronoia

"I loved it - It was like he was talking to me…referring to everything that happened in my life over the past months!"
Senior Manager
Health Promotions, Health Canada

Dr. Borins traveled to many countries around the world where he researched traditional healing practices of many cultures. As a trained Medical Doctor, he shares his perspectives on alternative healing from his first hand experiences with traditional healers from India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Africa, China and the South Pacific. He will discuss organized systems used by traditional healers including use of herbal remedies, acupuncture, bone-setting, massage and spiritual healing as complementary methods of health care to modern medicine.

Traditional Healing Around the World
The Art and Science of Healing
Traditional Healing, Acupuncture and Manipulation
Live Medicine-Benefits and Dangers of Herbs
Multicultural Medicine
Herbs, Probiotics and Homeopathy: Uses and Dangers
Traditional Healers: Bonesetters, Balians, Tahungas and Herbalists

"Dr. Borins gave an excellent overview that was interesting, informative and useful. He provided an extremely well balanced opinion."
Resident Medical Student, McMaster University

In family practice for over twenty-five years as a Physician and Psychotherapist, Dr. Borins shares his knowledge and wisdom about staying healthy by addressing the whole person - body, mind and spirit. Based on his popular book, “An Apple A Day-A Holistic Health Primer”, he provides a fresh perspective on health promotion and delivers an interactive presentation that inspires individual action. Learn how emotions, attitude, diet and exercise, relaxation and personal relationships can impact behaviors and affect overall health. Dr. Borins provides motivation and inspiration towards positive healthy behaviors.

How to Stay Healthy as You Grow Older
Staying Well on Your Way…
White Coat Hypertension….My Doctor is Making Me Sick
Healthy Ways for Better Days
Quality of Life through Healthy Alternatives
Choices and Change: Doctor Influence and Individual Action
How to Live Longer While Staying Health and Managing Stress
Songs & Talk with the Rockin’ Doc

"Keep up the good work. It is so refreshing to know there are physicians out there trying the simple things."
Anne Shockey, Vancouver Island

Grief changes your life and the people in your life. Mixed in with sadness, individuals experience feelings of anger, fear and guilt. Dr. Borins explores the impact that grief has on overall health and performance while teaching individuals how to deal with personal loss and accept the progression through stages of anger, painful dejection, loss of interest and temporary interruption of the capacity to love. He will help participants recognize grief in ones self and others, and teach methods to gain necessary support, connectivity and resources to assist with progress past pain.

Grief and Loss: Progress Past Pain
Grief and Loss as It Relates to Our Health
Grief, Loss, Death & Dying
From Crisis to Opportunity
Good Grief
Power to Heal and Be Happy
Healing a Broken Heart
Progress Past Pain
Moping, Coping and Hoping
Personal Transformation to Health
Flushing Fear and Failure
Beyond Limitations – Letting Go of Fear

"Very well received by the audience, and your practical and clinically oriented presentation was much appreciated..."
Agnes Garat, Assistant Director, Pfizer Canada Inc.

Effective communication ability is not a fixed part of personality. It is a skill and technique that can be learned. Dr. Borins helps professionals identify critical communication skills and techniques through improved delivery methods that provide for better understanding in office, clinical and personal environments. He qualifies the linkage between effective communication and enhanced health outcomes with proven medical research, and provides an opportunity for participants to discover and practice strategies that will enhance all relationships.

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Family Medicine
Say it With a Smile-Positive Communication Strategies
High Performance Humour
How to Talk to Your Doc
Improving Health Outcomes Through Better Communication
Dealing with Difficult Patients
Listen Up Doc-Communications for Health Practitioners
Stopping Self-Destructive Non-Adherent and Addictive Behavior
Winners Work Smart
Personal Performance-Managing Information Overload
Making fun of  Business
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Peak Performance through Health Management
Emotional Intelligence for Managers
Humour for a Healthy Workplace
Managing Corporate Health Costs - Boosting Immunity by Boosting Morale

"He offers an excellent perspective that can benefit all of us. This type of perspective should be integrated into all of our work and networking opportunities."
Teacher, City of York
Roman Catholic School Board