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An Apple A Day
A Holistic Health Primer
apple-a-day-cover.jpgPeople are becoming interested in educating themselves about prevention, staying healthy and being responsible for their state of well-being. In his first book, An Apple a Day, A Holistic Health Primer, Dr. Borins introduces the concept of Holistic Health. He describes health as the state of being, where the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of a person are in balance or harmony.

This book is about prevention, taking care and healing, and becoming whole.

He addresses the areas of nutrition, sexuality, exercise, relationships, emotions and the environment. Medical research that supports self-awareness, and teaching how to maximize the amazing healing powers of the body, is the basis of his easy-to-apply approach to health care.

Dr. Borins discusses alternative approaches to healing like acupuncture, biofeedback, hypnosis, and new psychotherapies that have emerged. He supports alternative approaches that have the potential to do a great deal of good, with few harmful side effects. Learn how to apply these concepts to daily living and how to use the experience of sickness to promote a positive outlook in life.

This book provides self-directed exercises and encouraging ways to make lifestyle changes, stop self-destructive habits, and find a new direction in life.



Illustrations by Margot MacKay
Wholistic Press Toronto


Foreward 06
Part 1. Awareness  
Chapter ONE. What is Health 11
Chapter TWO. Signs & Symptoms or Your Body Never Lies 15
Chapter THREE. Prevention – An Apple A Day 21
Chapter FOUR. Eating 29
Chapter FIVE. Sexuality & Love 43
Chapter SIX. Peak Experiences 49
Chapter SEVEN. The Environment 53
Chapter EIGHT. Why Sickness? Being Sick 57
Chapter NINE. Are you Healthy? Self Evaluation 61
Part 2. Self-Help Exercises  
Chapter TEN. Nutrition 69
Chapter ELEVEN. Exercise 71
Chapter TWELVE. Sexuality 75
Chapter THIRTEEN . Creating 77
Chapter FOURTEEN. Relaxation 81
Chapter FIFTEEN. Keeping a Journal 87
Chapter SIXTEEN. Physician Heal Thyself 89
Acknowledgements 92
Bibliography 94


Have you ever been sick?  Most of you have had this experience at one time or another.  Recall what it felt like to be in pain, incapacitated, out of control or even near death.  Whenever you have a cold, a broken leg, a heart attack or cancer, put this book down for a moment and think over this experiences and remember.

Did you feel this sickness was merely bad luck?  Were you aware of playing some part in causing yourself to get sick?  Did you change your ways or or make some positive alterations in your life because of this sickness? Did the illness help you get what you wanted? Did you learn something from your sick experience?

Illness is rarely an accident.  You have the ability to make yourself sick and you also possess the power to heal yourself, too.  It has been stated that 60% of the illness a family doctor sees are so - called "psychosomatic diseases".  This means that the mind or emotions are directly affecting the physical body to cause dis-ease.  In illness like migraines, hives, peptic ulcers and asthma, the emotions sometimes have a major affect on the origin and extent of the problem.  In other illness like depression, anxiety, phobias and sexual dysfunctions, the emotions themselves are directly interfering with people's states of well being and enjoyment of life.  These problems are not usually a result of some outside forces beyond your control, but rather are a direct result of how you react to the external world.  And the way you react is in your control.

Even if you are attacked by some external negative force like a germ, a mugger or even a speeding automobile, the state of health you are in will determined not only the extent of your calamity, but how you recover from the insult.

I have written this book for everyone who has had the experience of feeling sick, either physically, emotionally or spiritually.  If you're a healthy professional or someone just concern with staying healthy, I want to teach you an awareness about your health, about your responsibility in maintaining a well state and some sample techniques you can use in your daily routines for staying healthy.  And if you do get sick, then you can learn to use this opportunity in a positive way to make changes in your lifestyle, to stop self destructive habits and even find new meaning and direction in your life.

This book is about prevention -- taking care and getting whole -- Healing.

Book Reviews

South China Morning Post
Dr. Borins has recently published a book, An Apple a Day, which deals with a simplified approach to health care the holistic way. The book shows practical ways to stay health or be healthy. It teaches methods to make illness a positive experience. As well as direct physical treatments, the book recommends changes in lifestyle – to a saner, less destructive environment.

Toronto Star by Lillian Newbery
The project has grown to a ninety-five page book called An apple A Day, A Holistic Health Primer. In clear language it explains what steps you can take to stay healthy mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually and creatively.

The Medical Post
Simple enough for a beginning high school student to digest. Attractively laid out with large type on expensive stock, the book can be read in a couple of hours and solicits reader involvement with continual questions for self-examination and practical suggestions for living a healthy life.


Relaxation Exercise

Listen & Relax. Sample track from Relaxation Exercise by Dr. Mel Borins.

“It is an excellent primer for patients and it’s one that I can recommend with confidence…”
C. Norman Shealy M.D., PhD., Author, Past President, American Holistic Medical Association

“I believe that what we do makes a difference. Perhaps our paths are drawn, but how we walk that path and what we do on that path is up to us.”
Dr. Mel Borins