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A Doctor’s Guide To Alternative Medicine: PDF Print E-mail
What Works, What Doesn’t, And Why
Foreword by Dr. Bernie Siegel

This book reviews common complementary treatments using the latest scientific research and double-blind studies on alternative medicine to educate patients and health care practitioners on which treatments work, which don’t, and why. And more importantly, it teaches how to safely use these alternative treatments to better serve health needs. 

“Buy Mel’s book. Buy a second copy for your waiting room. It will save you and your patients a ton of time while expanding your competency exponentially.” --Brian C. Bailey M.D.

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“Medicine needs to open its mind to potential and true healing. Doctors need an education and not just information about alternative and holistic methods of treating the whole patient and not just their diagnosis with some drug. Mel Borins's book can help open minds and empower both the patient and the doctor to form a healing team.”

--Bernie Siegel, MD

“Although conventional medicine is superb for most acute problems, most chronic situations do far better with an alternative, holistic approach. Here at last Dr. Mel Borins presents and alternative to the Merck Manual, with many great alternative, holistic suggestions for enhancing your health.I believe that what we do makes a difference. Perhaps our paths are drawn, but how we walk that path and what we do on that path is up to us.”

-- C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, president of Holos Energy Medicine Education and founder of the American Holistic Medical Association

“This brilliant book contains information and guidance that could change the course of many lives and give healers and patients options for healing of which they were unaware. I stand in deep gratitude for Dr. Borins sharing his wealth of knowledge with those who can benefit most.”

-- Alan Cohen, bestselling author of A Deep Breath of Life