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Travel Articles:

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A partial list of travel articles by Mel Borins:

Family fun in Tennessee Doctor's Review April 2015
Virginia is for Lovers – of Trains and Trails The Medical Post June 2014
Quebec’s Gaspe is (Great) for the Birds The Medical Post May 2014
Welcome to Wisconsin, Where the ‘Door’ is Always Open Metro News Oct 2013
Ann Arbor: a College Town With Class The Medical Post Aug 2013
A Whale of a Time on the St. Lawrence River The Medical Post May 2013
Awash in colour in India The Medical Post Oct 2012
Eastern Quebec has Plenty for the Flower Lover Metro News March 2012
Kerala: India's Tropical Paradise The Medical Post Oct 2011
Off the Beaten Path in Lanai The Medical Post April 2011
How Sweet it is - Sampling Quebec’s Maple Syrup The Medical Post March 2010
Galapagos Galore The Medical Post November 2009
Savouring Quebec’s Gourmet Route The Medical Post September 2009
Back in the Saddle Again The Medical Post September 2009
Supernatural Sooke Just for Canadian Docs Sept/Oct 2009
Return to Rab The Medical Post June 2009
Wildly beautiful Alaska The Medical Post April 2009
Chills and Thrills at Quebec Winter Carnivale The Medical Post January 2009
Choosing Cruising Just for Canadian Doctors Sept 2008
Take Only Photos, Leave Only Footprints Just for Canadian Doctors July/Aug 2008
Seaside Sojourn-Florida’s Panhandle Just for Canadian Doctors June 2008
Green Getaway The Medical Post June 2008
Quebec City fetes 400 years The Medical Post May 2008
Unleash Your Artist - Take Time Off to Get Creative Just for Canadian Doctors April 2008
It’s Wise to Retreat Just for Canadian Doctors Jan/Feb 2008
Maui Wowee The Medical Post February 2008
Miami on the Cheap The Medical Post December 2007
Just the Two of Us Just for Canadian Doctors Nov/Dec 2007
Dear Diary - Keeping a Journal or Travel Diary  Just for Canadian Doctors Oct 2007
Melatonin for Jet Lag Canadian Journal of Diagnosis September 2007
The Joy of Cruising Just for Canadian Doctors September 2007
Go Away - For the Health of it! Just for Canadian Doctors July/Aug 2007
Take a Tour - Many Benefits of Guided Vacation Tours Just for Canadian Doctors June 2007
The Best of Bankok: Five Sights not to Miss Just for Canadian Doctors June 2007
Off the Beaten Path in Bali The Medical Post May 2007
Education is a Trip!   Just for Canadian Doctors April 2007
Me? Take a Cruise? The Medical Post February 2007
Sun Sets on Bali of Old The Medical Post January 2007
Calgary Stampede The Medical Post July 2006
Finding Yourself in a Strange Place The Medical Post June 2006
Vacationing with Kids Helps Family Reconnect The Medical Post March 2006
A Swing Through Mazatlan The Medical Post February 2006
Volcanic Delights Abound in Magical Hawaii The Medical Post November 2005
Letting Nature Do the Healing The Medical Post September 2005
Back to Sri Lanka The Medical Post January 2005
Letter From Mexico Canadian Family Physician January 2005
Traveler Heal Thyself Outpost Magazine October 2004
Take Caution! Traveling with Diabetes Canadian Journal of Diagnosis October 2004
The Beach Less Traveled The Medical Post February 2004
Our Best Medical Advice Dreamscapes May 2003
You Asked Us Dreamscapes March 2003
Sandy Sanibel The Medical Post January 2002
Traditional Mexico The Medical Post November 2001
Take a Holiday - It’s Good for You Canadian Family Physician December 2000
Avoid Those Post-Vacation Blues Dreamscapes November 2000
Go Away, Just for the Health of It Doctor’s Review November 2000
Beauty and Deceit The Medical Post September 2000
Are you a Traveller, Tourist or Pilgrim? The Medical Post September 2000
The Train Keeps a Rollin’ - Agawa Canyon The Medical Post September 2000
Gourds and Grass Skirts The Medical Post August 1999
Tantalizing Hawaii The Medical Post November 1998
Forget 1st Class-Here’s No Class Family Practice June 1998
Have Family Will Travel Family May/June 1998
Orangutans! Meeting Sumatra’s "Men of the Forest" The Medical Post March 1998
Trouble in Indonesia Family Practice March 1998
Spiritual Interventions in Bali Canadian Family Physician February 1998
China’s Medicine: A Perfect Mix Family Practice November 1997
Letter from Taiwan Canadian Family Physician September 1997
Regroup Your Energies With a Travel Diary Family Practice July 1997
Sinking to New Depths Family Practice April 1997
Taiwan: Where a Touch of the West meets the East The Medical Post February 1997
A Worthwhile Trip off China’s Main Roads Family Practice February 1997
Suzhou: the Venice of China The Medical Post October 1996
Birds of a Feather Flock Over to Algonquin Park The Toronto Star August 1996
The Multitudinous Masses of Beijing The Medical Post June 1996
In the Jungle the Lions Didn’t Sleep at Night Family Practice April 1996
Holidays for Health’s Sake Leisureways February 1996
Carrying a Weapon Can be a Frightening Experience The Medical Post February 1995
Travelers’ Spirit of Giving Family Practice November 1994
Funeral - Burial Rites of Torajan People are Nothing Short of Shocking  The Medical Post May 1994
Doctor Breeds Clean Living in Japanese Healthcare Garden  The Medical Post December 1993
Bali High: Spiritual Celebrations on this Tropical Paradise are an Intoxicating Experience The Medical Post November 1993
Cook Islands’ Messengers From Heaven The Medical Post February 1993
Getting Away From It All… Again The Medical Post February 1993
Galungan – Here Comes Our Ancestors Doctors Review October 1992
Afghanistan: I’ll Be Back Again The Medical Post May 1992
Go to Goa before Goa Gets Gone! The Medical Post April 1991
Death in Bali-Cremation Taught Lesson in Living Ontario Medicine March 1991
Bali-ho! The Medical Post October 1990
My Son Cried for His Fuzzy Friend,the Sacrificial Lamb The Medical Post February 1990
Escape to Kashmir Doctors Review January 1990
Yorkshire Sculpture Park a Vast Open-Air Art Gallery The Toronto Star November 1989
Traditional Medicine of India Canadian Family Physician April 1987
Traditional Healing on an Island Paradise The Medical Post Oct 1984
Snakes, Monkeys used in Oriental Healing The Medical Post June 1982
Tahunga Know-How is Passed Down through Family The Medical Post July 1981
Have Some Faith, Come to Fiji and Get Healed The Medical Post June 1981
Life’s a Beach - So Take Five! The Medical Post
Ancient Herbal Remedies Hit the Spot in Thailand The Medical Post December 1981
Recalling the Horrors of Hiroshima The Medical Post November 1981
Traditional Healing in Thailand Kissan World August 1981
Never Knock the Local Healer – His Cures Often Beat Modern Drugs The Medical Post June 1981