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Author of 4 books and many featured publications…
Dr. Borins has published four books and written hundreds of articles featured in many respected medical journals including Post Graduate Medicine, Canadian Family Physician, Canadian Medical Association Journal, and New Zealand Family Physician. His research and writing on stress management, psychotherapy, acupuncture, traditional healing, herbs and complementary medicine have attracted international acclaim.

His latest book A Doctor’s Guide to Alternative Medicine: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why is an excellent resource for information on the scientific support for integrative medicine. To preview chapters from the new book you can click here to visit Dr. Borins’ medical writing blog for excerpts.

Dr. Borins provides a refreshing prescription for staying healthy in An Apple a Day – A Holistic Health Primer, and Go Away Just for the Health of It.  He approaches wellness by addressing the whole person involving body, mind and spirit, as a method for treating common health conditions and complaints.

In his book, Photos and Songs of a Pronoic Physician Dr. Borins, Musician and Photojournalist, illustrates the concept of “Pronoia” as an integral part of health promotion. It is a unique collection of healing music and poetic verse featured on CD, along with photographs telling stories of different cultures, from travels to many countries around the world.


Health, Mind & Body Books

drs-guide.jpg A Doctor’s Guide To Alternative Medicine: What Works, What Doesn’t, And Why
Dr. Mel Borins, Lyons Press
This book outlines the benefits and dangers of alternative medicine and offers a balanced, unbiased perspective backed by science. 

You can order the book from or from

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apple-book.jpgAn Apple A Day
A Holistic Health Primer

Dr. Mel Borins
with Illustrations by Margot MacKay
Wholistic Press Toronto
“It is an excellent primer for patients and it’s one that I can recommend with confidence…”
C. Norman Shealy M.D., PhD.

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go-away-book.jpgGo Away Just for the health of it
Dr. Mel Borins
The Therapeutic Effects of Vacations
Wholistic Press Toronto Dallas
“Most of us need to ‘get away’ from the roles we play, in order to truly live. Read on and learn how to begin your vacation and life.”
Bernie Siegel M.D. Author of  “Love, Medicine and Miracles” and “Prescriptions For Living”

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